A moving account of Molly Morris  who leaves New York and the conventional values of her difficult mother to carve a life in Long Beach. She emerges teaching history to high school students in the barrio. Swept up by her strong physical attraction to Javier, and the warmth and closeness of his family, Molly makes it clear to her mother that the best laid upper middle class plans she once envisioned for her daughter have absolutely nothing to do with the dynamic and vibrant life Molly has chosen for herself.

Molly’s resolve is soon challenged when she and lover, Javier suffer a tragedy. The compassionate and, at times, brutal account follows Molly as grief leads her to spiral down through drug addiction, even as she takes in a foster child, Nugent. The story chronicles her reckless abandonment of a well ordered life and the pursuit by Michael Dunn, a Hollywood attorney and, as it turns out, more “suitable” to her mother’s taste. How Molly ultimately deals with her addiction and the choices that ultimately confront her will surprise all but the alert reader. Molly is bold and her story is void of sentimentality as we experience with Molly, Narcotic Anonymous meetings and foster care children, alongside the glitz of Hollywood parties. The many changes in her life have no comparison to what Molly is faced with when her mother visits and the unraveling of her long held secrets about herself and Molly. Read an excerpt

darknessedUNTIL THE DARKNESS GOES is available on line in print and digital formats. If you purchase the book and enjoy it, don’t forget to leave a review to tell us what you most liked. Cheers, Renee



An interesting novel of women’s fiction which follows Molly, a woman on the verge of menopause, after she loses her infant daughter to SIDS. Her spiral down into drug addiction and the long climb up make for an interesting read.

Highly recommended.

Renee Ebert’s prose is clean and enjoyable to read. Her main character Molly finds herself in some tough situations, from a strained relationship with her mother to career and love life difficulties. Yet she endures and pushes forward. She is an easy character to have empathy for – you find yourself rooting for her, as you would for one of your friends. I hope to read more from this author.

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